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WYD? Art by Samantha Slinn

Samantha Slinn is a Vancouver-based illustrator and UX designer. Slinn utilizes an IPAD, Procreate, and Photoshop to create colorful and ironic characters, existing somewhere in the intersection of a 1930s cartoon and vibrant minimalism.

We almost expected her graphic characters to jump up and dance to ragtime jazz, but upon further inspection, we could see behind the smiles and idyllic setting, there was much more going on. Her designs cover a wide range of themes, from police brutality to body positivity, and even depression, Slinn's characters are a true encapsulation of today's youth.

Along with illustrating, Slinn spends her free time collecting prints, books, plants, and playing chess.

Website: samanthaslinn.bigcartel

Instagram: @sslinn