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Two Poems by Tina Carey

"Havoc" and "Self-Love" from the personal collection Badges of a Modern Girl

Image by Laura Vinck


I walked out because she couldn’t handle

the tragic words spilling out of my mouth.

I didn’t realize the magic to release my

minds havoc.

Without a doubt,

I knew I said too much, my brain was telling me

to stop but my heart was telling me what’s the


I pause.

I have to realize not all are like me and can tell a story

so tragically, yet gracefully.


We will never grow as humans if we continue to come

to conclusions and have small minds.

Let’s come up with

solutions and have life transfusions.

We cant fix mental well-being if we can’t even handing the


Life isn’t always rainbows and halos;

It can be void of tomorrows, gloomy tempos, fallen dominos

and leave a fucked-up afterglow.


Isn’t that how they make superhero’s?


It’s a powerful feeling and indeed freeing reaching

deep inside your soul to find self-love.

You will leave many behind, you will start to decline sharing

your space with people who don’t share the same state

of mind.

Reaching for a higher love is never worthless, in fact; it

should be your purpose.

Even if you’re the only one that takes notice.

The moment you realize you’re enough nothing else’s matters,

you will be ready for new chapters and even new disasters.

Carey is an African American Personal Chef and a long-time writer and love of poetry. She writes from personal knowledge of trauma, grief, mental health, and healing. She is hoping to inspire and create a unified experience of hope and understanding through her work.

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