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Two Poems by Dreeme

Wild Thoughts

Beautiful girl,

Not all will understand

the beautiful chaos that is you.

Your wild is not for the tame


Do the stars enchant any less

because one does not see its beauty,

does not overstand it's value?

Then, my love your worth remains

regardless of those that cannot see it.

Author's note:

I am a proud mixed woman from Brooklyn, NY. My mother is Scottish and my father is African-American. I write to share feelings, thoughts, and for peace. Writing is one of the most beautiful and creative arts because in it, we are able to paint pictures and create feelings simply with words. I know of no other love as pure, raw, and heartfelt as I do writing.

Dreeme is a Brooklyn-based writer and poet who frequently performs spoken word and hosts a podcast called "Dreemecast". She is also currently working on her first book.

Website: Dreemecast

Instagram: @dreeme