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Two Poems by Chidiogo Anemelu

"Golden Child" and "Reservoir of Time" by Chidiogo Anemelu.

Golden Child

A child of the sun,

Of deep melinated skin.

Your smile could cast rainbows

Miles across the sky,

As the sun peeks

Through the cumulus clouds.

Overton is where you called home.

Made of blood stained pavement

Where needles lie disposed like compost.

Lodged in a black mother’s throat

Lies an unwritten eulogy,

For the baby that lies cocooned in her womb.

In the hood before you’re born

Your casket is made, awaiting

For your corpse to be anointed in holy oil.

Was only a matter of time, before

The streets swallowed you whole

And buried you six feet deep

Into the hold ground.

You’ve left this Earth,

But your memory still rooted

In the streets you walked

The stories you told

In the home you once lived.

Reservoir of Time

I look into my grandmother’s eyes,

And I see a reservoir of time;

Filled with knowledge, memories, and tales of home.

The wrinkles on her face

Resemble the path of a small river creek;

It tells the endless stories of her past

And the adventures and journey of living in the motherland.

Her reflection,

Intensifies her yearning to be back home

One last time.

To feel the unabated yet familiar sun,

To hear the familiar tongue of our people.

Her favorite past time is when the music is playing,

And she’s dancing as if kissing the ground with her feet.

The long walks and early morning swims,

While preparing to collect water.

Being reminded of the beauty in the simplicity of life.

She is a reminder that time is like a shooting star

If you blink,

It might be missed.

I have learned to trust the timing of life

When I choose to lose track of time,

The pieces of the missing puzzle

Finally assemble together, forming the perfect marriage.

I wish to age like wine

Becoming of a new aroma and essence,

Smooth, rich in flavor.

Chidiogo Anemelu is an emerging writer based in Philadelphia, PA. Her future goals include becoming a published book author and educator. She aims to inspired through her creative writing. She has poetry featured in Call + Response Journal, Volume I.