• Call + Response

Three Poems by Jake Anant Miller

Darkness Rises

Racism demonstrable.

You shouldn't be comfortable. 

Still a lot of work to be done,

But I believe justice and equality are possible. 

It seems being vulnerable 

Is a feeling nobody wants to know

Is a feeling nobody wants to show

But without vulnerability

You're not growing steadily

Unleash inner troubadour 

Reveal ability 

To move hearts, mind, and feet 

With melody.

Wild ambition. 

Kaleidoscopic opus 

My modus operandi

I slice with a samurai sword you can't see 

Space and silence 

Riot against the quiet 

Darkness rises 

Rage and fight it.

From the Stars


Made to believe our

melanin skin is alien. 

So, are we from the stars?

Damn right.

Our cells are solar charged!

Wrapped up in galaxy,

Of course they’re mad at me!

Society only sees what they want to see.

What happened to land of the free?

Time to expatriate

and travel from sea to shining sea.

Leave the statue of liberty

in the rear-view me.


You don't give a fuck

So you just sit in your car

You tried to save face but still end up at the bar 

You open all of your scars 

Detail the war between Venus and Mars 

For heaven’s sake 

You became an addict of the cake 

Fool, you were felled by mirage 

Sacrificed self for facade 

Your ego enlarged 

All that gas made you feel supercharged 

But the boost didn't get you nearly as close to the stars

as you thought it would 

Was it all good or all bad? 

Your mind likes to reach for the sad 

Especially when it comes to thoughts of losing your dad 

Pretend that your glad, joyful, jovial 

Disguising the sadness

only incubates the madness 

Fell in love with the baddest

Of course the worst happened

Jake Anant Miller is a poetry and prose writer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has published poetry in Flashlight and 1310news. His work will be featured in the upcoming COLOR - STORY 2019 exhibition in Houston, Texas.