• Call + Response

Three Poems by Brianna Williams


He looks at me differently, like he found something he lost

But he also kisses me now, hands roaming and eyes glossed

Our hands are clasped and our breathing is hushed

Our tongues explore each other, they can’t get enough

I can feel his skin ripple under my fingernails

And his supple lips pressed against my neck

The weight of his body is neither heavy nor light

Our angles fit perfectly, it seems just right

His hips match my rhythm and I can see it in his eyes

He loves me.

He loves me not.

He loves me, I’m sure. I think.

I hope.

September Nights

The way you smile at me makes my chest feel heavy

I struggle to breathe often around you

The way you look at me makes me forget

Just for a second

I am not what you want

And the way I run reminds you that


I am what you need

But you don’t chase me

You stand there, solemn, and watch me go

The Hunt

I lose myself tangled in your web

I drink so that I cannot feel your eyes

But I do

You lose yourself when you are stuck to me

You remember that you are not this person

You do not take advantage of humans like this

At least I would like to think so

I lose myself in the thought of you

Everyone tells me you do it on purpose

I want to believe in you so bad I let you use me

But then, maybe I use you too

We hide in each other

We are searching for something

You know that what you are looking for is not with me

And I hope that what I am looking for is not with you

Brianna Williams is a poetry and prose writer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has several published work in East Fork Journal. Williams is currently studying at the University of Cincinnati, focusing her craft in fiction writing on themes of romance and the Black identity.