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Three Poems by Amirah Al-Wassif

windows of Madrid

I remember when we woke together in the ancient streets of Spain

I remember I felt a strong shiver which could heal any pain

when the fantastic windows whispered in my ears  "hello"

I couldn't dare to reply

I thought that voice came from my fellow

so I began to spy

here, I discovered the magnificent magic

her shape take more than my like

when I jumped like a child in the street

because I fall in love with the windows of Madrid

this a romantic story escaped from the old age

and rapidly came to me and wrote its secret on my page

the beauty windows of Madrid 

inspired me to write in Casa Maria plaza mayor

it makes my soul singing for the coming light and also for

the ancient art of Spain

which could heal your entirely suffer or pain

the poetry is

the poetry is the deep philosophy of the cry and laugh

it is the unseen language which touches our soul bitterly and joyful

the poetry is the skin of  the sensibility and the incredible race among the clouds

it is the pouring of the sky blue in our opening hearts

the poetry is the art of the mess 

that far world which told you what behind the galaxy

it is our previous feelings and the forthcoming ones

when we believe in spirit and science and madness

the poetry is finding the details in eyes of someone

it is means this amazing ability to read the maps of souls

it is the smell of honey and the necessary of wings

and the tragedy of nights 

it is the long walking in the land of the imagination republic

the poetry is more than contemplating the moon through a poetic night

it is more than rhythm and free verse

more than the extraordinary words and the visual scenes

the poetry is more than the silence of beauty

and the gossiping of people

it is what beyond breath

it is what beyond the sea

it is what beyond the legends

the poetry is discovering the hidden smile of the orphans!

for those who don't know the chocolate!

for those who don't know the chocolate

the children of poverty

and the sleepers in the corners of the ancient streets

for those who survived from the famine but still hungry

for those boys who never dream 

cause they never sleep 

for those who don't know the chocolate

and heard more news about its sweet

the people with half soul

and lack food and the imaginary house

for those who crawled on the sharp platforms in the mid-night of every day

seeking for the warmth living

for those babies who never taste the milk

with wide eyes looking for any help

for the hands of charity

and the sensitive hearts which cry and bleed

for those who gathered in the torn tents around the world

waiting from a long time

for those who don't know the chocolate

and haven't the ability to imagine it

the innocent faces washed under the rain

the seekers for the smell of humanity in each alley, place, and content

for those who kiss the sun through their contemplate glances

for those who write with heavy heart and smashed dreams

the climbers of the existence shoulder

looking for the justice face

for the dancers with bare feet on the top of Everest

who do their best to bring the joy and the peace

for the sun of tolerance which touching our bones

for the bloom of the flowers

and the skies gloom

for those who never taste the chocolate

but they still hearing about its magic

the crawlers on the earth with a great desire

to make the difference between the past and the future

for those who draw on the sand

with belief in the friendship with the waves of the sea

for the killed persons in every battle

for the injured soldiers in every war

for those women who haven't the right to vote 

for the fishermen in their ships

for the highest star in our sky

and for the rainbow

for those people with disabilities

and for those players with the wool ball

for the little boys who sell the water

for the little girls who feed the roosters

for the nations which suffer from dry

for the victims of racism

for the dead from the terrorism

i write these poems for those

who don't know the chocolate

Amirah Al-Wassif is a freelance writer, poet, and novelist. Five of her books were written in Arabic and many of her English works have been published in A Gathering Of Tribes, Tuck Magazine, and various cultural magazines. Her first book, Who do not Eat Chocolate was published in 2014 and her latest illustrated book, The Cocoa Book and Other Stories is forthcoming.