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Slow Dragging at a Grind 'em Up by Eddie Bell

A melodic poem by Eddie Bell.

Slow Dragging at a Grind 'em Up

Low lights, sometimes red

The basement dark, a preferred state for sanctioned love,

physical and imaginative

Social maneuvers among brothers and the ladies,

both young, and oh so willing

The 45s on the record machine making come hither sounds,

slow, moving, sweet

Bodies close, cheek-to-cheek; legs entwined and rubbing

The record over, the partners pop apart

heated and sweaty, satisfied

A momentary pause, the next song probably a mambo,

too fast to cling on that imaginary dime

Some dudes swing to the rapid beat

And others lay for the next slow drag.

Eddie Bell is an eclectic poet that writes in an accessible voice that illuminates his world of blackness and love. His work is often biographical and always descriptive of what his eyes beholds in people and the natural things of beauty and wonder. Black-life and its history and realities are foremost in his poetry that doesn’t shy away from his spirituality. Eddie is a retired university administrator and world traveler who resides in Charlotte, NC.