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Saturday Night Muse by Terohn Snipes

A poem by Terohn Snipes

Saturday Night Muse

Tommy Strong, uncle phil, and huey Sue me These are my muse Who i watched and grew Tommy and unc phil were a time of truth And lies both hide But still both provide Thats me holding all the cards And going all in Gambling is sin but fuck it im tryna win Not for me but the fam Im not shaking but ill jam Any man that touch my manz A true dog that know the law Chasing my dreams can only crawl Incoming streams for mad cars make it my mission to own the stars But huey was me 100% to keep it a G A genius anti hero from the hood, thats Tee Riley was free to be himself but not me Lets make life better than it is So im training for the bend The break the end for sake of sin When evil starts to win im there no mistake Protect and provide let the truth and survive Tell the booth ima ride to the wheels fall And i die

Terohn Snipes is currently a junior at Delaware State University, studying as a Political Science major with a Philosophy minor. He has written essays and think pieces on politics, identity, and world issues, specifically from the perspective of different minority cultures in America. He enjoys writing poetry and screenplays when feeling creatively inspired.