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Re-imagining Expression: Art by L. Magdangal

L. Magdangal, "Nina Simone" (2016) Oil on Canvas

Portland, Oregon-based fine artist L. Magdangal creates exquisite illustrations only using wood, canvas, and oil. Originally from San Francisco, California, changes in Magdangal's life opened her eyes to study and hone her skills for her true passion: portraiture.

Magdangal's tool of choice, oil, breathes life into their re-imagined figures in the likes of Nina Simone and Anna Cleveland. Magdangal manages to create soft features from thick brush strokes deep colors. Her "true passion", Magdangal tells Call + Response Journal, lies in creating "images with a purpose".

Developing her skills in expressionism, a technique that perfectly explores the various ways to create portraiture, Magdangal finds a balance between delicate facial features and bold colors. Each portrait strikes an equilibrium amongst the striking intensity in the subject's eyes and the intensity of deep reds and bright golds, yet said colors manage to not distract us from expressions of wonder and introspection that Magdangal conveys in her subjects. We're excited to see where Magdangal's portraiture will take her next!

L. Magdangal, "Anna Cleveland" from Models of Color Series (2018) Oil on Wood

L. Magdangal, "Anjalilama" from Trans Series (2017) Oil on Canvas

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