• Call + Response

Ignition by Diamante Ortiz + Nagiarry Porcena-Meneus

A collaborative poem by Diamante "Dimo" Ortiz and Nagiarry Porcena-Meneus.



stories that live down the soil with drops of oil that do not want to be exposed. I ripped my aluminum foil in half to ignite what boils, as the world is caught being spoiled. now look at what is being soiled. staring at the landscape, I have recognized myself within many shapes that yearn to escape. It is wanting to have some grapes and to wear a cape. much of it is created by me, others for themselves or for me. but never for we either way, my humanity is much like a bee who wants to get some honey and this is the moment that decides to agree. There is a story. and parts are written on my body. but many paths have remained unwritten because to speak can often be viewed as, Threatening to live out of the ordinary

Diamante "Dimo" Ortiz hails from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, where she learned many art forms that have grounded her throughout her life. Ortiz is currently in her third year at Temple University for Political Science and Community Development. Outside of classes, she loves to write and has done Spoken Word poetry since a young age.

Nagiarry Porcena-Meneus writings have been published in Us by Us Collective, The Hyphen Literary & Art Magazine at Temple University, SONKU at Temple University, Empowered Magazine for Black Student Union at Temple University, and Blink Haiti. Porcena-Meneus is a storyteller, activist, dancer, artist and public advocate who recently graduated from Temple University for Geography and Urban Studies.