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He is There by Aaron Hicks

A poem on higher power.

Photograph by Sam Burriss

He is There

The heavens can't keep  their secret so  they shout  it to the birds and the birds boast it before the Lillies  and the lilies let the valleys know, and the valleys veer off far and wide to tell the rivers and the river's roar to the man and the man alerts the other  men and women one by  one telling them  all  that  He is there The God of the universe, the King of all creation  in very much  there and He is coming  down  soon!

Aaron Hicks is a Wilmington, NC based writer. Hicks is a recent graduate of Western Carolina University with a major in Entrepreneurship and a minor in English. In his writing, Hicks aims to take his struggles and experiences of being black and turn them into art for others to understand and enjoy.