• Call + Response

Burst by Jessica McQuay

A poem on survival.

"Black & White Portrait" by Unknown


Hard; donʼt let the world make me cruel

Spiteful; to let malignancy win

Empathy; oxygen to my soul

Hate; my breathe does take

Numbness; in my fingertips

Disappointment; lava in my veins

Hard; a candy coated shell


Hold tight

Hang on

Donʼt let go

Too late

Fire; erodes my soul

Humanity; betrays my hope

Empty; my fight

Hope; the bait

Destiny; my path to elope?

How; does one know?

Fate; the animal





Jessica McQuay writes on the topics of surviving our current climate of hate and intolerance. McQuay has written a full-length novel entitled Black Moon, published by Charles River Press in 2012.