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Artist Recap: Call + Response Journal Book Launch

Meet the amazing artists and poets that graced the walls of the Call + Response Journal Book Launch!

Call + Response Journal celebrated their Volume I, No. I book launch with a night of food, music, and poetry with performances by Angelita Hogan, Chidiogo Anemelu, and Tony Nicholas Clark. And to decorate the walls of the Germantown event space was the beautiful work of artists Princeton Cange, Marian Bailey, Abi Salami and sculptures by Autumn Wallace and Jermaine Ollivierre.

Upon entering the space, you're greeted by a copper bust, solemn and dignified, by Jermaine Ollivierre, reflecting the spider-like chandelier. Against the walls are detailed hand prints by Princeton Cange and Marian Bailey, full with vibrant colors and presence. By the north wall rest the works Abi Salami and an intricate sculpture by Autumn Wallace.

By the evening, the poets were set to perform. All of which are showcased in Volume I, No I. First up, Angelita Hogan with several moving pieces, one of which an ode to Stephon Clark, a victim of a racially-charged police shooting. After, Chidiogo Anemelu, with words of encouragement and self-love. And to close it out, love poetry by Toni Nicholas Clark, performed by Nailyn Kyu.

We want to give a warm thank you to all who supported Call + Response Journal, the poets and artists. Watch out film recap of the night!

Artists: Marian Bailey, Princeton Cange, Abi Salami, Jermaine Ollivierre, Autumn Wallace

Poets: Angelita Hogan, Chidiogo Anemelu, Toni Nicholas Clark

Photography: Cindy Weng

Curated Playlist: Olivia Dawn Thomas

Art Curator: Patricia Renee Thomas

Live Music: India X

Coordinator: Vanessa Gabrielle

Thank you all,

Call + Response Team

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