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American Abstract: Art by Carl Joseph

Carl Joseph is a Florida-based artist from Queens, New York. From graphic design, murals art, to the canvas, Joseph practices his art through various mediums, remaining with the themes of exploring the Black American experience.

Speaking to Call + Response, Joseph tells us about his upbringing from Queens, New York to Orlando, Florida, and back again. "I moved back to New York in 2011 to study graphic design at the New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn". Upon further exploration into his style and manifesto, a professor gave him the necessary push to pursue a career in art. "I had a teacher pull me to the side one day and tell me she saw something in me. I moved back to Florida in 2014 and started taking painting serious and the rest is history".

Marrying bright primary colors, Joseph uses abstractism as the embodiment of unity and empowerment through his paintings. His bold style complements the message: Black America and all its implications. The experience, the emotions, and the social realities surrounding black bodies. We excitedly look forward to seeing more work from this emerging artist in the future.

Carl Joseph, "America we are your Children"

Carl Joseph, "Unity"

Carl Joseph, "AmeriKKKa"

Website: carljosephart.com

Instagram: @carljosephart