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A Retro Introspection: Art by Carina "Cuhreenah" Vo

Carina Vo, "Still Nobody Wants Me"

South Florida-based digital illustrator, Carina "Cuhreenah" Vo has built a portfolio of bold and beautiful digital art. The clear inspirations from pop culture, retro animation, and personal surroundings conglomerate towards pieces that provide introspection for both the artist and the viewer.

Vo takes the viewer on a visual journey through facial expression, language, and dynamic and bold colors. "I mostly work with digital because I enjoy taking a somewhat graphic design-type approach to illustration," Vo said to Call + Response Journal. "I like mixing flat and organic textures, so Photoshop is a reliable way to achieve that!"

Effortlessly, Vo contrasts minimalism with vibrancy, branding her work with bold cadmium yellow and red. The style in "Heatwave" calls us back to the work of French animator Thomas Romain and artist Tania Palumbo in their collaborative animation Code Lyoko. Additionally, Vo captures the essence of Japanese-American singer Mitski in "Still Nobody Wants Me" in her use of simple and effective line work and color blocking. We're excited to see where Vo's emerging and vivacious work will take her next!

Carina Vo, "Self"

Carina Vo, "Heatwave"

Carina Vo, "Pull"

Website: tictail.com/cuhreenah

Instagram: @cuhreenah